Google CEO Sundar Pichai Said ‘A.I.’ 27 Times at I/O Event: 5 Major Rollouts

Google announced a host of new artificial intelligence features coming to its products and services at the company’s annual I/O developer conference yesterday (May 10), where CEO Sundar Pichai mentioned the term “A.I.” 27 times during his 15-minute keynote, per Observer’s count. (Other executives mentioned “A.I.” about 100 additional times over the two-hour event.)

At yesterday’s event, Google officially unveiled PaLM 2, its new large language model (LLM) that has improved capabilities in reasoning, coding and translation compared with the previous LaMDA language model.

PaLM 2 powers more than 25 Google services, including the Bard chatbot, Google said. Here are five biggest A.I. announcements from yesterday’s presentation.

Google Search enhanced with A.I. snapshots
Google is introducing a new feature called AI snapshots to its flagship search engine. Google Search enhanced with AI snapshots will show A.I.-generated answers at the top of search results for some queries to provide relevant context. Users can further narrow down information in the snapshot with follow-up questions.

A.I. snapshots will be available in the coming week through a product called “Search Generative Experience” (SGE). Users need to first sign up for a testing program called Search Labs, which opened yesterday.

More features are coming to Bard
Google said yesterday its updated Bard chatbot is now available to everyone. The new Bard, powered by Google’s PaLM 2 language model, is also adding new features, including support for Japanese and Korean languages and a quick way to export generated text to Google Docs and Gmail.

Google also announced plans to introduce image generation functionalities powered by Adobe’s A.I. image generator, Firefly.

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